Customer Experience Map

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Product details

Customer experience mapping is the process of discovering how your customers or new users engage with your product, service or brand. It tells the story of the customer’s experience from end-to-end. This template allows you to put the user or customer front and center. For marketers, product managers and operations professionals, this map shows digital channels – such as mobile, social media and the web — can change customer perception and behavior. It demonstrates the need for the entire organization to adapt.

Available in four design variations, this template has a line graphs to display qualitative and quantitative information. It also includes two options for mapping out user experience across devices. For marketers, this template can be especially useful when determining target audiences, media campaigns and more. All text, graphics, icons and colors are editable and customizable. Whether you’re presenting to a digitally-savvy team or not, this template is clear, concise and visually-appealing to hold your audience’s attention.