Agile Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

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Agile marketing takes inspiration from Agile software development. This template is ideal for marketing organizations and freelance marketers who have adopted or are looking to adopt Agile methodologies. This template provides a high-level overview of traditional marketing and Agile marketing. For audiences who are unfamiliar with the two schools of thought, this is the ideal presentation to provide a simple comparison.

This PowerPoint template starts with an in-depth analysis of processes related to conventional marketing and Agile marketing. It visually summarizes Agile marketers’ ability to work under shorter marketing cycles and respond to change. The following slides focus on key components of Agile marketing, which include: customer-driven mindsets, flexibility and iterative processes. The slides outline each stage of the cycle, which include: planning, launching and measuring the marketing program and adjusting it according to any insights gathered. For marketers who use Agile methodologies, you can showcase the benefits of shorter campaign cycles, ROI and use cases with this presentation.