GDPR Policy Requirements Map

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A fundamental part of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is understanding what personal information you are collecting and processing from customers. With the right template, you can ensure that you company’s data processing activities are compliant with the new set of policies outlined in the GDPR.

With this template, compliance teams and marketers can simply document and display the forms of data that are being collected and processed by your organization. With GDPR still being very new, you may be called upon by senior executives, compliance teams and stakeholders to demonstrate the use of consumer data. You can now be prepared with this seamless template that’s easy to edit and customize. The data map includes key fields, which are: sources of data, personal data, reasoning, handling, disposal, consent, subject, mission critical data, and sensitive personal data. Each category has its own column (in vertical and horizontal format) with a check box. You can also add custom notes to each column with rationalization and context for your audience.