Digital Marketing Strategy

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5 Slides
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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

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Digital is the way of the future. A sound digital strategy will help you understand which channels, audiences and results need to be proactively reached in order to grow brand awareness, sales and your customer base. Ideal for marketing, communications, media and advertising professionals, use this template to refresh and establish your digital marketing strategy.
The first slide in this PowerPoint presentation is focused on key business objectives and goals. You can set SMART objectives, KPIs, annual priorities, sales targets and more. The second slide takes your audience through the marketing funnel: awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation to ultimately, purchase. Slides 3 through 5 are focused on the customer journey, distribution channels and digital marketing tactics. Whether you’re presenting to a digitally-savvy team or not, this template is clear, concise and visually-appealing to hold your audience’s attention.